Reinvent Your Relationship With Marriage Counseling

Reinvent Your Relationship With Marriage Counseling


Imagine A Beautiful Marriage Built on Good Communication, Respect and Love.


Naya Clinics certified relationship counselors and marriage therapists will guide you there.


What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is exactly as it sounds.It is an evidence-based method that involves a certified professional relationship counselor guiding you and your partner to get the most out of your partnership. Sometimes referred to as couples therapy or relationship counseling, it uses psychotherapy, which opens up the avenues in communication, intimacy, comfort and understanding in a marriage, enabling both partners to improve and strengthen their bond.

Make Your Marriage a Fulfilling Journey

At Naya Clinics, you will work with certified and uniquely trained professional marriage counselors. Our Marriage and relationship therapists have years of clinical experience and a proven track record of success with couples facing a plethora of relationship challengesWe are available to guide and support you no matter what specific challenge you are facing, or how complex you might perceive your situation.¬† Our marriage counsellors will work with you in a supportive and caring environment to help you find a way through difficulties, strengthening your bond together for the future. A successful marriage is based on many different ingredients but for any marriage to reap the reward it needs attention, investment and sometimes it needs a little extra help. Happy couples with a healthy marriage are those who invest in their relationship. Even the happiest couples sometimes turn to Naya Clinics to make their marriage an even more fulfilling journey. That’s because actually, most marriages can benefit from couples therapy. We will help guide your marriage journey, carefully navigating those bumps along the way.

Proven Success in Marriage Counseling

The certified and licensed relationship therapists at Naya Clinics use our avant gard tried and tested evidence-based marriage counseling approach combing our founder’s unique advancement Positive Existential therapy PET, with the immensely successful IMAGO approach for short term couples counseling. Our approach helps couples reconnect, but more importantly, stay connected.¬† We pride ourselves on the proactivity of our approach and apply clinically tested and proven interventions that have been carefully developed using years of systematic research to produce results. Our unique approach draws on both cutting edge academic research and empirical evidence in clinical settings to bring you a results oriented approach to marriage counseling that has helped thousands of individuals and couples regain balance and make their relationships nurturing, loving and successful. At Naya Clinics, we often work with couples who have had unsuccessful previous experience in marriage counseling only to transform their relationships for the future. Even if you’ve tried relationship counseling before, with limited or no success, our approach in Naya Clinics is entirely unique, and we are confident we can help you.

How Does Naya Clinics Help?

As with any type of psychotherapy, what you get out of marriage counseling depends on what you want from it and how engaged you are in the process. Most of our marriage counseling clients following 3-4 sessions report feeling hopeful, heard, better understood, and that the quality of communication with their partner has improved. At Naya Clinics, our certified Marriage counselors are both trained and talented in helping couples gain much needed perspective and reframing their view of different situations in a way that brings clarity and understanding. Talking to our certified therapists, is an excellent approach to clarify the real challenge your relationship is facing, versus the perceived challenge that you may believe you are facing. Most of our clients are taken aback by the 3rd or 4th session with us that the challenge they are facing is very different from the challenge they though they were facing when they first came in to see one of our certified marriage counsellors. At Naya Clinics, we feel privileged and honored to have helped thousands transform their relationships and their lives.  Some people need help with a specific problem to move forward with confidence, whereas others have a number of points they wish to discuss. Either way, a Naya Clinics certified marriage counselor will help you both to be equipped with all the necessary tools to progress your marriage in the right direction.

Reconnecting, Rebonding and Rebuilding your marriage

At Naya Clinics, our main aim is to re-connect or better connect the two of you so you feel safe and bonded in your relationship.  Some couples are happy and just want to solidify their relationship even more but many couples we counsel are unhappy and those couples have certain aspects in common. Usually, their relationships involve criticism, defensiveness, contempt and failure to hear each other. As certified professional marriage counselors we are there to guide both of you through each of these negative behaviors and we will help you to constructively process your feelings, creating building blocks for your happy, healthy future.

How Marriage Counseling Works – Using Tried & Tested Techniques

Our Certified and experienced marriage counselors and couples therapists we see many couples who are completely unaware of how they interact with each other.¬† They no longer know how they speak to each other, look at each other or the effect they have on one another. Many don’t even realize why certain behavior by their partner irritates them or how to manage their lives together successfully. We carefully explore the possibilities and help both of you cope by applying tried and tested techniques, helping you to understand your approach to each other and what will work best going forward.

Common Marital Problems – Getting You Back On Track

If you feel your relationship is not giving you what you need, know that you are not alone. There are so many couples in this world who experience communication difficulties or who feel they don’t understand one another. I have helped thousands of couples to overcome their marital problems and who go on to enjoy a genuinely successful partnership, for the rest of their lives together. Our marriage counseling approach is positive, thorough and easy to apply. Let’s get you back on the same road, I can help you really focus on your relationship and:


    • Communicate better


    • Listen to each other


    • Interact positively


    • Open up and confide in each other


    • Be kind to each other


    • Deal with an extra marital affair or desire to be unfaithful


    • Work as a team


    • Restore your sex life and become intimate again


    • Appreciate each other as individuals


Both of you will be delighted with the results. Naya Clinics certified professional marriage counselors have years of experience in couple’s therapy and are experts on how to build relationship bridges and guide you both to turn discord into a strong bond, starting a brand new page in your marriage so you:


    • Really understand one another


    • Stop fighting!


    • Respect each other


    • Build trust and feel secure


    • Improve your emotional connection


    • Parent in harmony


    • Enjoy spending time in each other‚Äôs company once more


    • Most importantly, to love each other again, for the rest of your lives.


Too Busy to come to our offices for Marriage Counseling?

At Naya Clinics, we understand that today’s world is busy and stressful without the added pressure of including marriage counseling in your schedule. We strive to make it as comfortable and convenient for both of you, with sessions built around your schedule. We offer online marriage counseling which is an excellent option for busy, working couples. From the convenience of your own home, we can provide you marriage counseling services through video conference. That’s how accessible Naya Clinics services are!

Want to test the waters before committing to seeing our certified specialists?

We have Just the thing for you. We present you a online relationship and analysis tool that is the result of years of clinical and academic research, that we have tested and refined for years in our clinical practice. This easy to use tool will give you invaluable insights into your relationship that will transform your relationship. This is a paid service, and we will soon make it available to purchase online. So let’s work together to make your marriage a beautiful one, contact me today.

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