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Reinvent Your Relationship With Marriage Counseling

Imagine A Beautiful Marriage Built on Good Communication, Respect and Love.

Naya Clinics certified relationship counselors and marriage therapists will guide you there.

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is exactly as it sounds.It is an evidence-based method that involves a certified professional relationship counselor guiding you and your partner to get the most out of your partnership. Sometimes referred to as couples therapy or relationship counseling, it uses psychotherapy, which opens up the avenues in communication, intimacy, comfort and understanding in a marriage, enabling both partners to improve and strengthen their bond.

Make Your Marriage a Fulfilling Journey

At Naya Clinics, you will work with certified and uniquely trained professional marriage counselors. Our Marriage and relationship therapists have years of clinical experience and a proven track record of success with couples facing a plethora of relationship challengesWe are available to guide and support you no matter what specific challenge you are facing, or how complex you might perceive your situation.


Proven Success in Marriage Counseling

The certified and licensed relationship therapists at Naya Clinics use our avant gard tried and tested evidence-based marriage counseling approach combing our founder’s unique advancement Positive Existential therapy PET, with the immensely successful IMAGO approach for short term couples counseling. Our approach helps couples reconnect, but more importantly, stay connected.


How Does Naya Clinics Help?

Reconnecting, Rebonding and Rebuilding your marriage

How Marriage Counseling Works ‚ Using Tried & Tested Techniques

Common Marital Problems – Getting You Back On Track

Too Busy to come to our offices for Marriage Counseling?

At Naya Clinics, we understand that today’s world is busy and stressful without the added pressure of including marriage counseling in your schedule. We strive to make it as comfortable and convenient for both of you, with sessions built around your schedule. We offer online marriage counseling which is an excellent option for busy, working couples. From the convenience of your own home, we can provide you marriage counseling services through video conference. That’s how accessible Naya Clinics services are!


Want to test the waters before committing to seeing our certified specialists?

We have Just the thing for you. We present you a online relationship and analysis tool that is the result of years of clinical and academic research, that we have tested and refined for years in our clinical practice. This easy to use tool will give you invaluable insights into your relationship that will transform your relationship. This is a paid service, and we will soon make it available to purchase online. So let’s work together to make your marriage a beautiful one, contact me today.


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Wonderful to work with! Addresses everything that you need and he is versatile in his expertise!


Made me think about things in a way I hadn’t thought of before. He is sharp and gentle in a way I have not come across before


Professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.


Has a great balance of being supportive while also challenging you.

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