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Addiction Counseling


What is Addiction?

When we hear about an addict, we often think of someone who is dirty and unkept, living alone, and begging for money to give to their drug dealer. However, addiction happens whenever you feel compelled to continue using a substance or engaging in an activity, even when doing so would cause problems for your every-day life and responsibilities. Often, you don’t notice your behavior is compulsive or disruptive; in fact, not all addictions are things like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. You can also be addicted to sex, shopping, or even technology!

How do I Know If I’m Addicted?

Carefully consider the following questions and ask yourself if they apply to any of your behaviors.
Have you used more of a substance—or used it for a longer period—than you planned?
Were you successful when you tried to stop or control a behavior?
Is the amount time you spend excessive in trying to get, use, or recover from an activity or substance?
Do you have cravings or urges to use a substance or perform an activity?


Causes of Addiction

While some people believe that addictions are caused by a lack of willpower, most of us understand that quitting an addiction is harder than quitting a bad habit. After all, some substances (such as nicotine) and activities (such as sex) are chemically addictive. However, even something as innocuous as technology—if used excessively—can alter the chemistry of the brain. And while anyone can choose to break a single little string, over time an addict is enslaved, wrapped up in so many strings that escape is impossible. Quitting any addiction takes more than good intentions and willpower. It requires help.


Addiction Counseling

While many addicts feel ashamed, thinking, “I’m too embarrassed to look up drug addiction counseling or sex addiction counseling near me; what if people found out?” But you do not need to feel embarrassed or afraid here at Naya Clinic. In our safe and comfortable atmosphere, we will help you explore contributing factors and coping strategies to overcome the chains in your life, no matter what they are.
The path of the addict may feel lonely, but you do not need to walk it alone!


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Addiction Counseling

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Addiction Counseling

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Addiction Counseling

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Addiction Counseling

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