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Depression Counseling

What is Depression?

Depression is a debilitating illness that takes many forms. Here at Naya Clinic, we have seen it leave the strong feeling helpless and the passionate lose their fire. Depression—like grief—is characterized by sadness or a lack of motivation. However, grief is an overwhelming—albeit normal—emotional response to the tragedies of life, whereas depression persists beyond—or even in the absence of—these tragedies. Depression often takes the joy from once-pleasurable pastimes and can fill its victims’ heads with negative self-talk, or—at its worst—even cause thoughts of ending their lives.

Causes of Depression

While the causes of depression are still being unraveled, there are some general trends. Some experiences can exacerbate depression, including:
Stressful life changes, such as moving or having a baby
Relationships ending or changing, including a death or divorce
Traumatic events, whether experienced or witnessed
Sudden or persistent financial troubles
Abuse or neglect, or simply feeling alone or unwanted
And while it is normal to feel grief after experiencing a major life change, depression can prevent any return to a semblance of normalcy.

Symptoms of Depression

Whatever the cause, you may feel trapped in the gall of depression. While depression manifests itself differently from person to person, it leaves its victim unable to go about their normal life. If any of these symptoms apply to you, you should seriously consider counseling for depression:
A sense of hopelessness or worthlessness
Persistent sadness, anxiety, or anger


Depression Counseling Techniques

Don’t give up: there is hope. Our staff here at Naya Clinic will use the most advanced and effective depression counseling methods to help you unravel the causes of your depression. At first this may seem trivial; after all, one of our clients once asked, “Isn’t it obvious what is causing my depression?” If you’re having financial troubles, then you just need to fix those to get rid of your depression, right? Well, it’s often not the event that causes the depression, but the expectations or values associated with the event. Perhaps financial troubles make you unable to reach the goals that you set for myself—or that others set for you.
More than anything else, many of our clients report that getting to the root cause of their depression was the most therapeutic aspect of their depression counseling. Our arms and hearts are open to you.


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