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Group Counseling

Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else.” -Iroh


Group Counseling Activities

Group Counseling is a little less like therapy, and a little more like friends coming together to help one another. It happens when several people with similar challenges and experiences meet together regularly with the support a professional therapist. The therapist facilitates the discussion and helps the members stay focused on their chosen topic. However, the group members themselves drive the discussion, each sharing their challenges and giving non-judgmental feedback and support.


Group Counseling Benefits

Because group therapy is made of real people, you can take the lessons you learn with you into the real world. Other advantages of group therapy include:
It is a safe and supportive environment.
It will bring you a sense of community and belonging.
It costs much less than individual counseling would.


Group Counseling Topics

You might think that there are as many types of group counseling as there are types of individual counseling. In reality, there might actually be more! From “conventional” topics like addiction recovery and grief counseling groups, to custom groups like female entrepreneurs, Naya Clinic is home to a diverse variety of groups. To find out the topics available in your area, please give your local Naya Clinic a call and ask us, “What are the types of group counseling near me?”
Our groups are formed as we see hear from your interests and as we notice trends among our clients. Naturally, those seeking counseling have similar challenges, albeit in different contexts. You might feel alone, thinking that you’ll just have to tough it out alone. Often, friends or family with different challenges struggle to understand your concerns, or worse are unsympathetic and judgmental. Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, we all face different trials in life. But, with group therapy, we don’t need to face our struggles alone.


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Group Counseling

Wonderful to work with! Addresses everything that you need and he is versatile in his expertise!


Group Counseling

Made me think about things in a way I hadn’t thought of before. He is sharp and gentle in a way I have not come across before


Group Counseling

Professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.


Group Counseling

Has a great balance of being supportive while also challenging you.

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