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Sports Performance Counseling

Sports Counseling

Your involvement in sports, exercise, or physical activity is affected by—and affects—many aspects of your life. Sports and Performance Counseling studies these behavioral factors and applies them to enhance your performance. And even if you aren’t involved in a formal sport, this therapy can benefit your life in many other ways. Whether it be your involvement in the performing arts, your overall wellness, or your business endeavors, sports counseling takes the lessons learned from athletics, and helps you improve in anything you set your mind to. In the end, sports counseling is the study of how your participation in physical activity might improve your personal development, physical well-being, and mental and emotional health throughout your entire life.

Performance Issues

You might have made goals to improve your performance in sports and in other areas in your life, but you aren’t sure where to start. This could be the result of a New-Year’s resolution or a doctor’s orders. Or perhaps you feel as though you have hit a plateau and no matter how many times you try, you aren’t getting any better. Sports counseling can help with many of these goals, including:
Improving teamwork and leadership skills

Sports Coaching Techniques

Whether you are an amateur or professional performing in the fields of athletics or the arts, here at Naya Clinic we have the tools to help you improve your “game”. The methods we most often employ are:
CBT & PET (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Existential Therapy)
Refuting irrational thoughts or stopping them altogether


Meditation and the Super Bowl

In 2013, the Seattle Sea Hawks won Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos in a stunning victory. Among other factors, the team attributes their victory to their habit of meditation. The Sea Hawks’ coach had hired a sports psychologist and encouraged his athletes to meditate. Not only did the meditation decrease stress, but it helped the athletes get “in the zone”, a mental state of peak performance.
So, whether you perform on a field or a stage—whether your performance is competitive or recreational—sports counseling take you to the top of your game. While you are working hard on your physical performance, our sports counselors can help you keep your head in the game!


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