Hi, I’m Sam , founder of Naya Clinics

I spent 20+ years studying and working with human behavior, human performance, and organizational behavior. I lived, studied and worked in half a dozen countries around the world and my work experience spans varying industries and disciplines from counseling and business to marketing and sports.

It is this diverse and multi cultural work and life experience that I drew on as I developed Positive Existential Therapy (PET)Positive Existential Therapy PET is client centered and designed to give you results. It is a radical departure from how therapy has come to be, and it works.

My team and myself invite you to experience our avant-garde marriage counselingtherapy, and life coaching services in our locations in CincinnatiColumbus,  Indianapolis , and Denver.  Learn More…


Marriage Counseling



What Our Clients Have To Say

Wonderful to work with! Addresses everything that you need and he is versatile in his expertise!


Made me think about things in a way I hadn't thought of before. He is sharp and gentle in a way I have not come across before


Professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.


Has a great balance of being supportive while also challenging you.


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