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Counseling In Cherry Creek Colorado

Hello, I’m Sam Nabil founder of  Naya Clinics.

Welcome to our Counseling in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado page. We offer a wide variety of services including Cherry Creek marriage counseling, Cherry Creek anxiety counseling, Cherry Creek depression counseling, Cherry Creek life coaching, Cherry Creek career coaching and much more.

For your convenience, we have two locations in Denver. Our first location is in LoDo/ Downtown Denver , and the other location is in Cherry Creek Denver.

Take a moment and Imagine with me…

Imagine a hassle-free investment in yourself that fits your life style & gives you results.

I founded Naya Clinics because I believe you have the right to exactly that.

You have the right to a balanced approach to Counseling and therapy.

An approach that is client centered and efficient without the fluff and the B.S.

And that is what we came here to Cherry Creek Denver Colorado to do with you.

Our therapists and coaches at Naya Clinics are client centered and board certified.

We are here to help you revitalize your relationships, renew your drive, rejuvenate your life, and rekindle your passion.

In short, we are here to help you reinvent yourself and your life to what you have always wanted them to be.

At Naya Clinics, you will work with certified and uniquely trained professional marriage counselors in Cherry Creek, therapists in Cherry Creek, and Life Coaches in Cherry Creek.

Our Marriage and relationship therapists in Cherry Creek as well as our Cherry Creek therapists and Cherry Creek Life Coaches have years of clinical experience and a proven track record of success.

Our Cherry Creek therapists work with individuals and couples facing a multitude of personal , career and relationship challenges.

We are available to guide and support you through any challenge you are up against, or how stuck you may feel.

Our Unique Approach
Sam Nabil , the founder of Naya Clinics, pioneered Positive Existential Therapy (PET)  an innovative and avant garde counseling approach that he developed in his practice to effectively deal with client challenges that were no longer responding to outdated counseling techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our Super Stars Team
Less than 5% of the therapists in Cherry Creek who apply to work with us get selected.

When selected, each new Cherry Creek therapist goes through a rigorous training and curriculum designed by Sam himself.

The training is – no joke – easily comparable to a post graduate diploma.

Our Cherry Creek Therapists learn from Sam himself about the theory and practice of positive existential therapy before they can ever meet clients.

We basically hire only super stars.

After hiring them, we push them to become the very best possible version of themselves before they can start seeing clients.

We look forward to working with you.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Wonderful to work with! Addresses everything that you need and he is versatile in his expertise!


Made me think about things in a way I hadn't thought of before. He is sharp and gentle in a way I have not come across before


Professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.


Has a great balance of being supportive while also challenging you.


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