Many of my practice’s individual clients are successful corporate women and female entrepreneurs like you. In my work with them, I noticed most successful women face similar challenges in different contexts. I also noticed that there was very little in the way of communal support for successful women, like you are supposed  to fend off for yourself alone in the word!

With that in the back of my mind, I was having a conversation with a successful female friend of my wife’s. Our friend noted that she felt like she did everything she was “supposed” to do in life right. She married young, has two beautiful kids, an ever more successful career, and financial stability. She added, ” I ticked all the boxes I was supposed to tick, and I m still unhappy. Even worse, whenever I try to talk to my friends and family about it, they tell me I have it all and I should not be complaining.” 

It broke my heart to hear her say that,and witness her feeling so alone and isolated by her success. Knowing that this is how many of my female clients felt as well, I resolved to do something so that the successful women in our community have a safe and encouraging environment where they can bring concerns like these to a group that will understand their challenge and empathize with it. Not only that, but also a group where the collective wisdom of each member can help everybody rise above the challenges they are facing and feel fulfilled and happy.

This is not a typical “therapy group”. As the facilitator of the group, I intend for this group yo be a place where will all learn together – especially me – from the experts on the topic. My role will be to facilitate a discussion that allows for the collective wisdom and creativity of every member of the group to find a way to the conversation, as well as provide you – the group members – with insight from my counseling background on how to consider tackling some of the challenges that you bring to this small community that we will create together.

  • WHEN: Tuesdays from 6 to 7:40 pm (2 clinical hours)

  • WHERE: Blue Ash Office

  • START DATE: TBD by group members

  • COST: $75 per clinical hour

  • SIZE: Maximum of 7 members

* Requests for enrollment after having 7 members will be added to a new group so that we always maintain the group at 7 members